Unfortunately, the steam client now reserves the space that is needed at the start of a download, so that the size of the /SteamApps/ folder does not change during the download, which limits the functionality of the SteamStalker. I will update it when I've found a new method.

SteamStalker is a program that automatically shuts down your computer after Steam has finished its downloads. This is very useful if you want to download a game/program on steam during the night.



Note: .Net Framework 4.0 or higher is required to be able to run this program.

  1. Download the program by clicking the download link below.
  2. Start the program.
  3. Start your Steam downloads.
  4. Choose your "SteamApps" folder location.
  5. Check the "Expert mode" check box to get more options and information.
  6. Click "Start Stalking" to start the automatic download.
  7. Click "Stop Stalking" to stop it.
  8. For help, hover over the element that you want to know more about.

Note: The UI in this program is not usable while the folder size is being checked.

Feel free to contact me about anything regarding this program.


Download latest version (Please note that this software is not currently functional)



Possible future features